• Brian Kaldenberg

Tax Prep Checklist

Although this is not a complete list, it is a great starting point for preparing your information to have your taxes done.

* Identification

o Updated Driver’s License information

DL #, Issue Date, Expiration Date, Birthdate

o Social Security Number (if new client)

o Routing and Checking account Numbers (for direct deposit)

o Names, Social Security Numbers, and Birthdates for dependents

o Last year’s taxes (if new client)

* Proof of Income

o W2’s

o 1099’s – Interest, Dividends, Non-Employee Compensation, Rental Income, Social Security, Unemployment, Sale of Stocks, Etc.

o K-1’s (income from partnerships, S corps, estates, or trusts)

o Self-Employment Income

o Social Security

* Itemized Deductions (if greater than standard deduction)

o Charitable Contributions

o Medical Expenses (over 10% of adjusted gross income)

o Mortgage Interest

o Real Estate Taxes

* Other Expenses/Contributions

o IRA Contributions

o Education Expenses (Educators only)

o Charitable Contributions (up to $300 If you take the standard deduction)

o Contributions to Youth or Rehabilitation Facilities (Idaho only)

o Contributions to Education (Idaho only)

o Self-Employment Expenses including mileage, home office, etc. (if filing Sch. C)

o Child Care expenses

o Medical Savings Account deposits (Idaho only)

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